Lisa Marie Presley’s family made a significant decision at the end, according to newly revealed information about her death

Millions of people throughout the world were horrified by the news of Lisa Marie Presley’s passing. Everything that would lead to her death happened so quickly.

After her hospitalisation became public knowledge, it was announced that she had passed away. The specifics of what occurred at the hospital are now becoming known.

Lisa Marie Presley was blessed with the unique opportunity to be born to arguably one of the most renowned men in history. Since the minute she was born, every detail of her life has been meticulously recorded.

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She experienced a difficult early life, though, as her parents divorced when she was a very small child and she lost her father on August 16, 1977, when she was just 9 years old and he was only 42.

She felt a great deal of responsibility to uphold her father’s legacy as the sole successor to the Presley name. She devoted her entire life, together with her mother, safeguarding her father’s name and estate to ensure that his legacy endures forever.

She pursued a career in music as well, continuing in her father’s footsteps. She even performed a “duet” with her father using old recordings of his courtesy to contemporary technology. The songs touched the hearts of Elvis fans all around the world and were heard by millions.


The Austin Butler-led Elvis Presley biography made Lisa Marie Presley the subject of news stories once more in 2022. The Presley family played a significant role in the movie, which set records.

A few days before she passed away, Lisa Marie Presley saw Austin Butler get the Golden Globe for his performance in the movie. She raved on the red carpet about the young actor, saying she believed he did a fantastic job playing her father.

Austin shared her admiration and even thanked her in his speech of acceptance. “I also want to thank our amazing producers, Warner Bros., and the Presley family. Thank you guys, for opening your homes, memories, and hearts to me,” he added. The actor told Lisa Marie and Priscilla during the gala, “I love you forever.,” according to the Daily Mail.

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Lisa Marie Presley’s housekeeper discovered her unconscious in her bedroom on the evening of January 12. Her mother, Priscilla Presley, stated that she was quickly taken to a hospital in a statement and pleaded with everyone to pray for her daughter’s recovery.

“My cherished Lisa Marie was taken to the hospital. Today, she is getting the greatest treatment. We ask that you pray for her and our family. We are grateful for your prayers and want that our privacy be respected, she said on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Lisa Marie Presley passed suddenly a few hours later. Lisa Marie’s mother remarked, “It is with a heavy heart that I have to relay the devastating news that she has left us.

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She said, “She was the most fervently fierce and loving woman I have ever known.

According to newly revealed information, Lisa Marie was certified brain dead and placed in a medically induced coma when she arrived at the hospital. The family then had to make a challenging choice.

They made the decision to sign a do not resuscitate order, which stated that Lisa Marie would not be revived in the event of another cardiac arrest. Consequently, she died after experiencing her second heart arrest.

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In this trying time for them, the family has now requested privacy. The Presley family, led by Priscilla Presley, were left heartbroken and stunned by Lisa Marie’s sad demise, according to a statement from their representative. They beg for privacy during this extremely trying time and are deeply appreciative of everyone’s support, love, and prayers.

She will now be buried in Graceland with her father and other family members, it has been revealed. According to a spokeswoman for Riley Keough, the eldest daughter of Lisa Marie, Lisa Marie will be interred close to her son Benjamin, who committed suicide at the age of 27 in 2020.


The spokesman for Lisa Marie also stated that her oldest daughter Riley, as well as the teenage twins Harper and Finley Lockwood, would now inherit Graceland.

She will have a memorial service at Graceland on January 22, 2022, starting at 9 a.m. Instead of sending flowers, the family has asked that donations be made to The Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation.

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