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Look beyond the physical looks

Sometimes, you need to stop seeing the good in people and start seeing what they show you.

There are different kinds of people on earth, the good, the cunny, the bad, and the master of different faces.

Sometimes we need to stop seeing that aspect of people they let us see, because the part they hid from everyone is their real self.

I have kept my circle as low as possible because I trust no-one. Life has never been the best, but I still thank God for every moment I stay on earth, and every breath I inhale.

I have seen people in their worst state, but they still came out to act all strong and nice; I was once in those shoes so it’s always easier for me to identify people of many faces.

I had a lovely friend, who will go lengths to put smiles on the faces of her friends. She was the perfect definition of lovely and sweet, but I knew that behind those smiles there are many untold stories and pains.

One night I saw her crying silently in the lockers; she saw me immediately and wiped her tears. She was acting all strong, but I knew she will soon blow up.

I comforted her and asked her to let out all the pains, the silent cries, and secret scars, she should let it all out. She cried for hours non-stop, I didn’t know what she was passing though, and didn’t make an effort to ask.

The next day, she went back to her smiling self, and even when I brought it up, she asked me to forget it.

I persisted and she opened up to me, she was an orphan and her sponsors are trying to pull out her scholarship because she refused to get married to the man that was proposed to her at a young age.

She was going through a lot of pressure, but she still managed to smile in other not to let people see her pains. Look beyond the physical looks, because you can save someone by doing so.a

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