Maturity comes with responsibilities

If you run out of cash after paying all your bills and taking care of home; you aren’t broke you are responsible.

Maturity comes with different tags, and one of them is being responsible. I have seen older people who can never go out in their way to provide for their family, but yet still call themselves mature people.

Many times, I have had this argument with people, trying to prove to them that a child can be mature once he/ she is responsible.

I was robbed off my youth and childhood; death took that away from me. At that age when all my mates cared about were toys and chocolates I was busy trying to find what I and my siblings will feed on.

My parents left me with two kids to carter for; death took them most viciously ever making life hard for me and my siblings.

I started working from when I was a child; I had the age of a child, but the mind of a mature person. I was young, but life left me with a lot of responsibilities.

Responsibilities robbed me of my youth. When I was meant to be enjoying my youth, I was playing the role of a parent and a big sister. It so much rubbed off on me that I have never been on a date at the age of twenty-seven.

Maturity is being responsible, age doesn’t define maturity; I have seen childish adults. Responsibilities are the yardstick for defining maturity.

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