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Not everyone has heart like you

Always know that no matter how hard you love or give, don’t expect the same energy back. People are different and react differently to things.

Not everyone has the same heart as you, so take every attitude as one’s trait.

I have seen people who never appreciate people with words, and always find it hard to express themselves.

I was once a person who could go any length for my friends, and can even put my life in the line for them.

I so much loved my best friend and she was like a family to me. I can remember the nights I had to go without food so that she would have enough.

At some points we had issues, she always told me I haven’t done anything to her and at such, I can’t tell her what to do.

I didn’t want to remind her of the times I had issues with my parents just to keep our friendship. My parents never agreed to us staying together, but because she had nowhere to stay I had to accept her.

I have invested and sacrificed a lot for our friendship to be strong, but she hasn’t done anything.

Sometimes, I wonder if she can make some sacrifices for me, but the answers came sooner than expected.

Along the way, we had issues and she told me she has been sticking to me because of what I had to offer. I was heartbroken, but not for too long.

I knew no matter how I tried in a relationship, people will never love me like I do to them. I understand because not everyone can love like me.a

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