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I admire the people who show kindness

I admire people who always show kindness and help people, no matter if they are struggling with their problems; they are rare gems and truly a gift to this world.

While coming back from work today, I decided to trek because I love the cold air that sweeps through the street and when it comes in contact with my skin, it reminds me of being alive and God’s creation is indeed perfect.

I was almost close to my house when I saw an amputated teenager hawking oranges, mere looking at him you will know he smelt poverty. I watched as he emptied his purse to buy food for a blind beggar.

It left me with a lot of questions, and I didn’t waste time approaching the teenager. I asked him why he helped the blind beggar when he didn’t have much and was hawking to make a living.

What he told me that moment changed my life and my reasoning. I understood there was more to life than I saw. He told me he hasn’t eaten for that day, but he knew that by the end of the day he will get something to eat, but the blind man doesn’t have any source of living.

He said he knew he was amputated, but thank God he still has his eyes at least he can see how beautiful each day was unlike the blind man.

He told me he didn’t mind having nothing, just to put smiles on the faces of people. I knew how less of a human being I have been because I had everything and I haven’t even given a little out of my comfort.

Rare gems are the people who give out of the little they have, they should be celebrated. 

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