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Make the best memories

True friends might not be the ones you spend the most time with but they are the ones you’ll make the best memories with.

When it comes to friendship there is no one-size-fits-all. Some of the best friendships are not easily defined. Some people might have friendships that span Years. Some people might have friendships that started just a couple of years ago but have become the best thing to happen to them.

 Your best friend can be someone who you have always known all your life, they could be someone you met in one of the seasons of your life. 

One thing I have come to realize about friendship is that the best friendship is not the ones that are always there, they’re not the ones that always check up on you, they’re not the ones you communicate with daily. They’re the ones you make the best memories with.

 Growing up, I used to think that I should always be in contact or communication with my friends, but life happens. Something happens when you go off to different colleges and you get caught up in your own life trying to make something out of your life and find your purpose.

 The one thing that remains true was that we were always there for each other, regardless of the difference in location and timezone. I might not have spoken to my friends for an entire semester, but when I needed them, or they needed me, I was always there, and they were always there for me.

 To be honest with you. Whenever I found myself in serious trouble, my friends were the ones that I always called first, even before my mother, because I knew they will always be there.

 The highlight of my year was the vacations we toom together. We always made time in the year to plan our vacations together. So regardless of the fact that we might not have spoken for a month or seen each other in three months, we always took two vacations , annually, together. 

Those vacations are were some of  the best memories wemade. Now everyone is married with kids and we stay in different sides of the world.

 While we no longer have the opportunity to take vacations, we make sure to meet up at least once in two years, and we make sure to talk to each other as often as possible.

 You can bet that the best time of my week is my weekly conference call with my friends, where we get to dish on our husbands, our kids, our careers, and our goals. It helps me stay grounded, and every time we talk, we reminisce on the memories of a vacation, while we plan our next big vacation.

 So you see, the best friendships are not the ones where you get to talk, always, but they are the ones where you make the best memories. Well, you’re always definitely there for each other, regardless of circumstances and location. They are the friendships that last a lifetime. They are the ones that are with you in the good times and the bad times.

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