Mama Cass passed away 46 years ago, now her best friend confirms the rumors

Mamas and papas always have a place in music as they paved the way for musicians. They achieved huge success selling millions of albums and never missing the top charts. They were also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Mama Cass Elliott got the whole world standing for a while with her voice. She passed away mysteriously not long ago and her good friend Sue Cameron has explained what happened.

The pop-folk group had a special place in our hearts, but they slowly went extinct as their image was tarnished by drugs and other issues they encountered.

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The group spent only three years together, but they’re able to achieve a lot within such a short period. Cass Elliott stood out amongst others and is popularly known as Mama Cass.

Mama Cass was one of the most successful and talented singers of her generation and her great harmonies made the folk group. She was also successful as a solo singer, her life was cut short when she passed away at the age of 32, people said she died after choking on a sandwich.

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We all believed what they said earlier, but it seems like there’s something else we aren’t aware of as Sue Cameron, her good friend says that choking on the sandwich wasn’t the cause of her death.

Mama Cass was born in Baltimore on September 11, 1941. At an early age, her parents knew she was going to be successful, even though they weren’t aware that she was going to go far.

Cass could speak four languages at the age of four, she moved to the U.S as a refugee and was quick to adapt to the new environment. 

Cass was so different from other kids, she didn’t enjoy playing with toys like others, but preferred politics. She had rapid growth and developed faster than her peers.

Cass pursued a career in acting when she was 17 and didn’t have any diploma by then. She moved to Washington DC to get a diploma and that’s when she formed her first band, the Triumvirate. 


The Mamas and the Papas came into existence in 1965 and it didn’t take long before they started making waves. After three years of being in the band, Mama Cass pursued a solo career.

Her life came to a tragic end in 1974, Sue Cameron said they spoke the previous day and she was just happy she was surprised when they called the next day saying she passed away.

The public always thought she died of choking, but recently it was revealed she died of a heart attack.

Mama Cass left a print in the sand of time and paved a way for future generations. Her voice will always be in our hearts.

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