Steve Harvey moved to tears after his son’s confession

Steve Harvey is one of the people with great influence in Hollywood, and he didn’t get there overnight, he had obstacles, thorns, and all worth not along the way, but in the end, he became prosperous.

Steve Harvey was born in West Virginia; his family was modest and at some points in his life he had to do various odd jobs to support himself. Steve is the son of a coal miner, Jesse Harvey, and Eloise Vera.

Steve Harvey show

Steve started his career as a comedian.

Steve married three times; after his divorce, with his first wife, he sent all his money to his children. He worked as a mailman, boxer, and carpet cleaner; it was difficult to support himself as all he earned always went to his Children.

He lived in the car for over three years, he was homeless and was forced to work in swimming pool facilities and gas station. Looking back at his past, he doesn’t regret all that he went through, he felt they were preparing him for greatness and it sure did.

Life got better when he was given the chance to be the host of ”Showtime at the Apollo.” 

Steve is a philanthropist and is the founder of The Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. The organization has a cp got fatherless children and also provides scholarships to students.

Steve has 7 children, 4 coming from his first union and 3 from his marriage to Marjorie Bridge. He adopted the last kids and he treats them all equally.

The favorite moment of the father was when the 7 children showed up on his birthday, surprising him and the words of Jason his stepson got a nerve on his body and almost moved him to tears.

Jason told him they love him so much and are grateful for having him in their life. Steve couldn’t hold back his emotions and was happy to hear them and the audience couldn’t hold back the tears too.

The wife wasn’t left out too, she was present on the show and thanked Steve for being there for her and the children.

Steve was short of words for the so much love he has gotten in a day, he told his family that he’s so proud of each of them. He said he will always go any length for them and he will always love them more than himself.

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