Remember Dewey from ‘Malcolm in the Middle? Better sit down before you see him today

In every drama there’s always that one character that never leaves our mind, they aren’t the main actors in most cases, but they’ve their way of gluing us to our screens anytime we see them.

Dewey from the sitcom Malcolm in the middle, a role played by Erik Per Sullivan never left our minds for a moment even though he wasn’t the star of the show.


The show was a big success and many of the cast got fame after it was aired on television. The legendary series was aired 21 years ago and it was it that shaped a new format to how Hollywood made sitcoms.

In the beginning, the crew never saw Malcolm in the Middle being a huge success, the studio and the crew at some points thought it was going to be a big flop. The was a hit and gave many of its cast breakthroughs like Frankie Muniz, Bryan Cranston.

Dewey was an interesting character and throughout each series, he got more popular. The ratings were great and had 15 million viewers for each episode. The series ran for seven seasons with 151 episodes.

After the show, Erik Per Sullivan spent some of his weekends with Brian Cranston; Brian wanted to help him and for him to also experience a normal childhood.

Sullivan spends time making himself remain in the spotlight, he starred in the holiday film Christmas, the film unfaithful.


He’s 30 now and all grown up; he still looks like our Dewey from Malcolm in the middle.

The rest of the cast like Frankie Muniz who played the role of Malcolm in the series. Muniz was 14 years old when Malcolm was released. He earned an award as an outstanding lead actor in a comedy series.

Frankie had other interests apart from acting, his love for cars made him put his acting career on a hold and pursued a career in open-wheel racing.


Muniz during his life journey has been through some traumatic experiences. He had memory loss after suffering nine concussions.

Muniz tweeted about the show in 2015, saying he will like to do a sequel.

Malcolm has been off the air for over 15 years, but we all can agree it was a great series and I wish to see a sequel. I hope you all feel the same way.

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