Man Asks Reddit If He Was Right In Denying Estranged Family Members Entry To His Grandfather’s Funeral

The death of a loved one always leaves one broken, sad and most times you question life why it’s so far. It’s a period of mixed emotions and most times you get to realize people who will always have your back. Those moments the relatives you expected to be there for you might never turn up, some might come for the wrong course, it’s just a period of complications.

When his grandfather died, this young man denied his grandfather’s sons from his first marriage entry into his funeral. He stated his reasons, however, he took to Reddit to find out if they were just.

Many relatives were there to pay their last respect to the 97-year-old grandfather, and amongst them was the grandfather’s twin kids from his first marriage. The 19-year-old grandson, OP, refused them entry to the funeral.

“Steven and Shawn cut off permanent contact with my grandfather. He always made attempts to contact them, but the twins always rejected him,” OP explained. “The twins treated my grandmother horrible, and their absence tortured my grandfather all his life. My grandmother also resents herself terribly, since she thinks she is the reason why the twins went no contact with grandpa. I know that if my grandma went to see the twins, she would be absolutely devastated.”

The twin was however not happy with the turnout of events and went on to express their grievances.

OP volunteered to be the door security as the funeral home didn’t make provisions for that and that’s why he was able to stop the twins at the door.

The twins showed up with their wives, children, and grandchildren, they came with their whole family.

The twins said they wanted to make peace with the family and that’s why they came.

OP felt it was all unnecessary as they never reached out to the late grandfather no matter how many times he try to get them and they always treated his grandmother very badly.

“I offered to call them when my grandma left the place so they could pay their respects, but they refused. They left angrily.

Reddit had a lot to say about the ongoing problem. They commended his efforts for keeping his grandmother safe and many people questioned the twin’s intentions, they never cared for the grandfather when he was alive so why care about peacemaking when he was dead.

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