Meet Kathie Lee Gifford’s lookalike daughter, Cassidy

The joy of every expecting parent is always to welcome a healthy baby and in a situation when the baby takes after their facial looks, it seems like a plus which made everything whole.

Kathie Lee Gifford / Instagram

Kathie Lee Gifford is a daytime host who lost her husband five years ago and their love story came to a stop abruptly after 29 years of marriage.

She was able to get over those tragic moments with the help of her close family, her kids, Cassidy, and Cody. Recently, Kathie opened up about dating again and maybe she will find love even though that is not what she’s looking for.


Kathie has been living outside Franklin, Tenessee and it seems the single mom is getting back her life on track. She misses her late husband every moment, but still manages to keep her shoulders high and get everything running.

She has been doing as great as a parent too as she places her family above everything and she’s so proud of how Cassy and Cody turned out.

A little act of love showered by these kids to their mother on the last Tv episode has left much talking.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Frank Gifford started dating when Frank was 23. The age difference between the duo was never a challenge on the part of Kathie as their match was one made in heaven.

Instagram / Cassidy Gifford

The celebrity couple has two kids together, Cody and Cassidy, and Frank already has three children from his previous relationships.

Cody was always with his parents on every red carpet and it seems like he wants to follow in their footsteps. Cody, later on, pursued a career in acting and Television; it didn’t come as a surprise to many as they all knew he was going to continue his parent’s legacy.


He starred as Justin Timberlake in the Disney Channel Original Movie Model Behavior and was starred alongside his mother.

Cassidy the second child of the celebrity couple studied at the University of Southern California just like Cody and got into Hollywood.


She worked as an actress and a model and her name five years ago was on the list of ‘’18 beautiful women, America Won’t Be Able to Resist This Summer’’, by Esquire Magazine.

Cassidy grew up so fast and seems we got a carbon copy of her ageless mother. She shared a recent picture of her and her lookalike mom on her Instagram page and many are in awe of the striking resemblance between the duo.

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