Adam Richman says he struggled with mental health problems when on ‘Man Vs. Food’

Adam Richman was the face of Man Vs. Food for many years – and he had us looking out for him.

Getting the role was an unexpected event for Adam Richman and has undergone an amazing transformation ever since he left.

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Adam is among the few people who travel over the world engaging in a food challenges. People have different opinions about the challenge and some keep talking about health challenges that might come up later in life, and a greater percentage of the human race go without food, and here they are consuming a considerable amount.

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The show was one of the biggest shows in history; it first aired on the Travel Channel in 2008 and it provided a lot of entertainment.

Adam Richman became the reason many tuned in to watch the show as he was the host and was killing it too.

From a young age, Adam always wanted to be a media personality and it seems like the world didn’t stop at aligning him with his dreams, but made him greater. 

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Adam was born in Brooklyn, York on May 16, 1974, and grew up in a Jewish family. At a young age he had interest in food and worked at a restaurant and enjoyed the entertainment business as well.

After his high school graduation, Adam decided to complete his undergraduate degree in International Studies at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. He moved over there and that’s when he found his passion for theatre.

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Living in different places gave him a lot of exposure to life and different experiences and that’s how hr started keeping a food journal.

Around 2003 and 2006, Adam made appearances in Television shows and that was after he earned a master’s degree from the Yale School of Drama. His breakthrough wasn’t coming through those gigs, but suddenly a new television food show caught his eye and he knew he wanted to be there.

He went for the auditions and he was asked to talk about food and he sure got the role. He always delivered each task and that was entertaining for the viewers.

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People knew he would have a health issue coming his way soon as he fed both of healthy and unhealthy foods.

Man Vs Food show gave Adam his breakthrough, but he left the show when became so insecure of his skin.

He started exercising daily and working on his diet unlike what he ate on the show and he’s doing well obviously. We all wish him the best.

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