Micheal Landon’s son is all grown up and he looks just like his iconic Hollywood father

Michael Landon is a legend in Hollywood and we all know he featured in the little house on the prairie and bonanza. He rose to fame in a short while and left his mark; his son is making it in Hollywood as he did.

Michael Landon Jr played in the little house, but it wasn’t so obvious because he played a minor role. He so much looks like his iconic father.


Michael was working in a gas station as an attendant before he gained fame and his life changed forever. His boy’s name was Eugene Orowitz and was changed by Bob Raison, the talent agent, to Michael Landon for it suited him better for the show business.

Landon played a lot of minor roles in the industry before he got his major breakthrough. He was in several series in the mid-1950s.


Landon landed his first official role. The TV series Telephone time. His first big gig was playing as little Jose Cartwright in Bonanza, before Little House on the Prairie came along. The movie won Emmy awards and 16 other nominations.

Looking at the superstar’s personal life, he got married three times and had nine children with different women. Landon was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and kicked the bucket months after at the age of 54. 

Michael’s Children have different choices of career, but several of them went into the show business. Michael Landon Jr, the son of his second wife, Lynn Now took after his father.

He’s now a big star in Hollywood just like his father; he’s a director and equally an executive producer.

He’s the producer of When hope calls; a Canadian television show and other great movies as well.

Michael Landon Jr was born when his father was still on Bonanza and life was pretty good for them. They had all the money, but at some time Michael Landon Jr never got along with his father, he was kicked out of his home at the age of 18.

Michael Landon was someone who didn’t have many friends in the industry; he always preferred spending time with his family. When he was on the set of little house on the prairie, he always made it for dinner no Matter how pretty tight his schedule was.

Michael Landon Jr sure reminds us of his legendary father; the spitting resemblance between the duo will always do. We wish him all the best in his endeavors.

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