The little kid from ”Stuart Little” and Jerry McGuire is all grown up

It has been over 20 years since Jonathan lipnicki played the role of Ray Boyd in Jerry Maguire. The lovable blond kid stole our hearts and has us glued to our screens.

It’s been years and he still looks charming as ever; he didn’t age a bit from the last time we saw him.

The child actor was born to his Jewish parents in 1990, Westlake Village, California. He grew up with his family alongside his older sister, Alexis.


Jonathan grew up in the suburbs and he always described it as the most peaceful place to ever be and he’s so proud of his background.

Talking about how the child actor became famous; it’s quite intriguing to realize that neither of Jonathan’s parents has any connection with the entertainment industry which most times it’s the case of child actors. It came as a shock to many when he became a movie star.

In Jerry McGuire (1996)

Jonathan schooled at Agoura High School in Los Angeles County, celebrities like Adrianna Costa, Shane Stanley, Brad Nelson all attended the same school.

Jonathan’s life changed in 1999 after the movie ”Jerry McGuire” premiered. He was just five years old when the filming of Jerry McGuire started and he was on set with other superstars like Tom Cruise and Renée Zellweger.

Stuart Little

The movie was a big success and got five academy awards. 

Jonathan didn’t have a major role, but he played a huge role in the emotional scenes of the drama. He played as the son of Renée Zellweger; she’s a single mom and started a relationship with sports agent Jerry McGuire.

The doors to Hollywood were opened wide open for Jonathan. He appeared in many TV series and got a lot of offers too; he didn’t need to go for an Audition to get a movie role, they were always at his door.

The animated comedy film “Stuart Little” made Jonathan a superstar and it had people visiting the cinemas to see the movie.

Jonathan without any iota of doubt is sure one of the hottest child actors; everyone loved him on the ”Stuart Little”. Even though the movie was for millennials, people of other ages couldn’t help but fall in love with the lovely little blond boy whose family adopted a mouse.


Jonathan is 30 years now and has an active life aside from movies. He handled being a child celebrity so well that it didn’t affect his personal life nor his goals, he gets involved in other activities as well.

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