Moms are irreplaceable

Your mom is your mom. Nobody can replace her. Nobody can do half the things she does or has done for you. Nobody can compare to her. Only God can love you more than she does.

She is the only person that matters the most. She can go any length for you and nothing is so strong as the love of a mother. She carried you for nine months in a womb; had to change her outfits for you to be in shape.

She had to change her taste of food so that you will be healthy. She carried you carefully and even when you came to the world she never stopped caring. She took care of you on your infant’s back; even when she has not eaten‚ she fed you with her nourishing milk.

She spends almost all her life caring for you. After your birth she had stretch marks‚ she gained a lot of weight‚ but she didn’t mind; it was all for her baby.

She spent sleepless nights watching you as you slept peacefully; she was with you when you took your first step. The first word you spoke was ‘mama’.

She never forsook you even when you were at your worst‚ because no matter how big you have grown you were still her baby.

Moms are irreplaceable and they are the best. A little mistake they could have made when we were younger will determine our life in the future; a little mistake could have affected us physically mentally or emotionally‚ but here we are strong as ever.

Appreciate your moms; they are angels in human form. 

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