Daily Quotes

Stay humble

Be humble and never think you are better than anyone; we came from dust and unto dust, we shall all return.

Stay humble and do not feel you are better than anyone; we are all created by the same God and were brought to earth by the same method.

Stay humble because humility pays; it might be the key to our unanswered prayers and unlocked doors.

I never knew I will get to where I’m today; I never saw it coming‚ but God lifted me from nothing to something.

I was on my way to continue my job hunting when I met my savior; most times God doesn’t meet us in his true form‚ it’s always in the form of people around us.

God sure works in mysterious ways; my only act was that I never retaliated even when I wasn’t at fault.

I was on my way to the park to board a bus when a woman bumped into me‚ making all my files spill on the muddy floor; this was all my original certificates even at that the woman never apologized‚ but started lashing out at me.

She called me bad luck for bumping on while she did; she was on her cell phone without paying attention to her steps.

I apologized to her and she still threatened to lock me up for bumping into her; I wasn’t at fault‚ I had to be the bigger person to salvage the situation.

I was in tears when she left as my files were damaged beyond recognition; it was then my helper showed up. He told me he has been watching all that happened and he is surprised how I didn’t pick up a fight.

He offered me an appointment immediately and that was how my story changed. You can never know who’s watching you‚ stay humble at all times. Humility pays and it doesn’t cost to be humble.

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