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My New Year goals

I’m walking into 2021 with a clear heart and mind; I don’t want to worry anymore about things that never worked the way I wanted it; I’m going to stop crying over spilled milk I just have to be careful as not to spill them again.

I’m grateful for every experience I had both the rough days and the memories that will forever bring pains to my heart and tears in my eyes. I’m happy that we all crossed paths my story wouldn’t have been complete without you guys.

Life is too short to live on pent-up anger grudges wrongdoings people never apologized for and lastly people who we trusted that broke our trust.

I’m walking into 2021 with a free mind and body; I’m letting go of everyone that caused me pain I’m forgiving you even though you didn’t ask.

I’m going to live for the best and enjoy my life to the fullest; I feel 2021 coming with positive energy and I’m happy to embrace it.

I’m going to make 2021 a sweet year and I can’t wait to have it; I will be saying goodbye to all my scars and pains. I will be coming out of my shell and would be shining in my armor; stronger and wiser this time around.

I’m going to breathe and feel good about myself; I have set a lot of goals and I’m going to work towards achieving them instead of gambling my heart and feelings.

2021 is a year of positivity and a season of forgiveness.

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