Most Common Signs You and Your Partner Are Growing Apart

Relationships take a lot of work, and if we don’t pay close attention, we drift apart from each other, and once there is distance, it is hard to rebuild what you once had. Taking a step back reevaluating your relationship will allow you to notice the Most Common Signs You and Your Partner Are Growing Apart.

1-) The biggest sign there is a break in your relationship is you stop having sex. Without affection and intimacy, the relationship won’t survive. If you find you and your partner isn’t spending as much time in the bedroom, this is a true sign that your relationship is failing and needs mending!

2-) Do you find that you are spending more time apart than you are together? Spending time together and enjoying one another’s company is vital to any relationship. If you find that you aren’t including your partner in your plans, or have no desire to spend quality time together, it’s time to reevaluate your relationship.

3.) Are you finding that you often feel as if you’re being stuck in the same routine and are feeling “bored” or lacking something in your life? We all get stuck in the daily routine between work and home life, however, in order to keep your relationship alive, we need to make time for each other, go on adventures and keep your spark alive otherwise the relationship is headed to failure.

4.) Communication is key to any successful relationship, when we fail to keep lines of communication open, the relationship will fail. All relationships go through phases, and in order to keep a long-lasting relationship, open communication is vital for success!

5.) Frequent arguments are defiantly a red flag in any relationship. Continual arguments are a sure sign that something is wrong and needs to be repaired. Arguing can be a sign of overall dissatisfaction and should be closely evaluated in order to figure out the root of the problems or end the relationship for the benefit of both involved.

6.) If you find you or your partner has become unengaged and doesn’t react to concerns of your partnership, it again is time to revaluate your relationship. Nobody should ever try and find happiness in a relationship that isn’t equal, this will never work, and it doesn’t fail to either party.

7.) Criticism hurts; it hurts an awful lot, even more so when it continually is coming from your partner. If you find your partner continually placing blame onto you, or if you criticize one another, this is not healthy and causes undue emotional distress and hurt feelings. When allowing this cycle to continue, you will start to question their respect and trust.

8.) If you’re not feeling supported by your partner, this is another red flag which needs attention. Relationships are a partnership where we lift each other up during hard times and you are supposed to feel a sense of safety, security and belonging to. If this is lacking from your relationship, we need to be mindful of our feelings, as we should never lack support from any genuine relationship.

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6 thoughts on “Most Common Signs You and Your Partner Are Growing Apart

  • Sonya

    Its not been there since i got back fron denver then i marry the asshole who beats me up he is now done he trys to break my ribs i hate him forever its time to move on without him he just used me until he got his. Settlement never need his money

    • Gloria Martens

      Be happy you find out now instead of later!! 40 years and he gets on high blood pressure meds and blames his lack of being able to preform on me, oh I’m not attracted any longer because he was to proud to ask a dr or for any kind of knowledge. His ego would have been blown by a dr. But then again for years I covered and looked the other way every time he mentally and physically abused me. I was taught to turn the other cheek 7×70 and have always waited on him. He told me what my job was and I grew up so naïve… did it. He ended up in the hospital and rehabilitation for a long period of time because of a severe moto accident. During that time I took care of everything and found out I could do so much more than just be someone’s wife. He didn’t like my independence. Taking care of the yard, pool, kids, grandkids, expenses, etc. Everything was always my fault. He was a blame thrower on the stupidest things and always the excuse was I had a bad day. He’d beat me and the few times someone would see what was happening he’d turn around and say oh I didn’t touch her she just tripped over her feet. Or she did that on purpose. If you’d challenge the theory he put out there you’d get you hell later so I shut my mouth and said nothing. I’m free for 2 years now. It took a year for my divorce to become final. I was devastated at first I thought I couldn’t do anything right and I was led to believe all these years I was nothing without him and I’d be homeless. I was a worthless b and look at you your nothing, Who’d want you. He’d actually say I’m perfect, you’re the problem! Get over yourself you’re nothing special. Finding myself and knowing I’m enough is the best feeling in the world!! I’m at peace and I’m no longer sick. When I was with him I had pneumonia two times a year was sick all the time, more times then you can count! I was sick all the time I had fibromyalgia, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t do steps, I had spinal stenosis, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, depression, anxiety you name it I had it; everything you can think of and now I’m fine it’s just unbelievable the difference in my life and home. There was always something he’d tell me that was wrong with me. The fowl words and names were never ending. At first I thought I was dropped off in the dessert and I knew no one. He turned my kids against me because things didn’t go his way in court. He believed because he was told if he retired and wouldn’t have an income because he was filing for disability that he wouldn’t have to pay me a dime. Because the law says so. You get nothing! After 44 years of children in my home, I lived and cared for and doing exactly what I was suppose to according to him my job was in the home. That’s what I did! I find myself wondering why I stayed with his fear mongering and his attacks? I tried to keep my family together. Now I learn through counseling he’s a narcissist and a psychopath, I hate to say…but it could not be anything other than from my stories and still proof of so many things he denies. But he’s not my problem any longer and I pray no one else has to go through any relationship with anyone who thinks and believes they are superior. And make everyone believe you are everything they accused you of for years. You can’t fix what you deny. I’m doing great! Sometimes it’s lonely but I’ll be fine! Best of luck to anyone who goes through more than half their life believing it gets better, Anyone who’s not treated as an equal. Move on you deserve the best! Prayers

  • Catherine

    After 15 years there is nothing to talk about except football, his work, and kids’ mistakes. When kids leave home there will be nothing. No yelling at all. Nothing to talk about. No concern for me. No sex for 5 months. Work is always done at home. The trees get more action than me.

    • Maria

      Tell him what you would like to do… Or find something to fill in the time..a new or old hobby just in case you are bored! If you think he has a double life however,set an investigator after him lol!

  • My name is joey and i live in san pedro cali. I can help feel in that gap if thats what u like 😃😃 then ill be more then happy to help and i bet u would bee or then happy urself plus you are more beautiful then a dozen of roses…


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