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Steps to a Great Relationship


Relationships can be complicated and ridiculously confusing. There have been more books, articles and resources put out about relationships than just about any other topic in the world. Relationships include interactions that we have with another soul, or even with ourselves. A relationship as a friend, lover, pet owner, child, parent, or co-worker are just a few of the many forms it can take on. There are many relationship tips that cross the spectrum of all relationships and can make them better and more healthy for you. 

Love Thy Self

Loving yourself could be the best thing you could ever do to enhance any relationship you are having. To be authentic and hot have to pretend to be someone you are not will make you happier than you’ve ever been. To be loved in a relationship for exactly who you are causes the relationship to be fulfilling in various ways. Take care of yourself and start seeing who you are more clearly. If you have things that need to change, change them. If you have things that are assets, enhance them. Being you is enough. Being happy with who you are will define other relationships from a solid foundation that you have initiated. This is the number one best tip for almost all situations.


Open communication will carry you a long way in having a good relationship. Nobody can guess what you’re thinking or read your mind. When you have something to say, do so. Be kind, be gentle, and be honest. Talking things through without strife can fix many more problems than staying silent. Silence can cause resentments to manifest and blow the problem out of proportion. Instead of dealing with a small problem when it begins, you may be left to deal with anger that has accumulated over time by letting things be left unsaid. Communicate your feelings, likes, and dislikes. Whoever you’re dealing with needs to know.


Communication without honesty leaves you with nothing. Being dishonest doesn’t have to be a blatant lie, it can also be anything that makes the other person feel like they trust you less. Doing things behind another’s back, missing plans you have made, and even a small lie can cost you all the trust you have learned. Being honest in communicating is imperative to a trusting relationship.


Respecting each other’s personal space is a big deal no matter what relationship you’re in. We all need our own private time and space to do whatever we want to do. Sometimes it is for nothing more than to have some quiet, peace. If one person in a relationship is insecure, they could see private time as rejection, it’s not. Private time and space allows us to recharge and be better in a relationship, not worse. When asked for some space, give it freely, it’s usually not about you.

Agree to Disagree

No two people will see eye to eye on every topic. You’ve heard it said before, choose your battles carefully. If the topic doesn’t affect your life or happiness, it might not be that important and certainly wouldn’t warrant jeopardizing your relationship just to prove your point. Some topics just need to be avoided and agreed on that you’ll never agree.  Let these go and remember that they aren’t important in the scheme of life.


When you have done something wrong, ask for forgiveness. When the other person in your relationship has done something wrong, forgive them. This is a two-way street that should be used frequently. Hurt feelings can end a relationship quickly. Forgiving and being forgiven is a healing process that repairs hurt feelings. It’s not a weakness, it is strength and a growing process.

Support Each Other

Giving support can be a life-saving act for a friend who is in need. Every person in life will go through struggles that drop them to their knees. When you’re in a relationship with a person having one of these struggles, offer your support. Ask them what you can to do help. Tell them you are there for them. If you need to sit silent and hold their hand, do that. In a time of need, nothing is more valuable than someone who is willing to walk through the dark with you.


As complex as relationships can be, they can almost always be sorted out by using respect and common manners. Communicate openly and honestly. Give each other space when needed. When arguing, make sure you don’t fight to win at any cost and ask for forgiveness when you should. Give your support and help with the struggles and dark times that come at us unexpectedly. Being a good person will always carry through to a good relationship. 

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  • Shannah Armstrong

    Read material about love. If you do not go to church, get in a church that teaches the word and works of Jesus. Mom always told me when I moved to a different place or town to find a church. This turned out to be good advice



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