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My Children are the reason that I smile

My Children are the reason that I smile, that I laugh, that I cry. They are my happy place and my frustration. They are what makes my heartbeat and sometimes break. My children are my everything – Kim Uliana

Well for parents children are reason that they smile and laugh sometimes. Sometimes I cry because of them when they are in trouble it makes me cry badly. They are the place where I always find my happiness and not only they are the reason why I get frustrated easily. My heart beats because of them and sometime their misbehavior breaks my heart. Truly my children are my everything. They are my lifeline. I think that people who got married are blessed if they have children. They are the luckiest people in the world. I guess god gifted me with such blessing. Sometime they are irritating and annoying and they are the only reason for my headache, but at the same time it’s difficult for me to breath without them. When one of them get injured badly trust me my whole life stops there. I can’t see them sick because that will make me worried.

My Son
I closed my eyes for but a moment
and suddenly a man stood where my
boy used to be. I may not be able to
carry you now in my arms, but I will
always carry you in my heart. You have
given me so many reasons to be proud
of the man you have become, but the
proudest moment for me is telling
others that you are MY SON.
I Love You Now and Forever

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