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My trust issues 😂

My trust issues started when my mom said ‘’come here, I’m not going to hit you’’, but she later did.

My trust issues began when I will commit a crime, and my mom will plead with me to say the truth, that she wasn’t going to tell my dad; I did tell the truth and the rest was history.

All my life I have in some certain points betrayed by people I cherished and hold close to my heart.

I gave up on humanity after my best friend stabbed and fiancé stabbed me the most.

I was still a student and will graduate in two months time, and my wedding is scheduled to hold in one of the months. We haven’t chosen a date, but I knew it was after my graduation.

We were the perfect couple, and couldn’t wait to be tied to him forever. We weren’t always together, and he never complained about sex because I believed in no sex before marriage.

He was understandable and willing to wait for the perfect time; he never gave me rooms to suspect him, I trusted him wholeheartedly.

It was three weeks to our marriage when I decided to travel home to meet my parents as the wedding was getting close. I called him to inform him about my journey, but he didn’t pick up.

 My house was not wasn’t far from his, so I decided to visit him. On getting there it was locked, I had the spare key and on opening the door I met the biggest shock of my life.

My trusted best friend was making out with my supposed fiancé. How things happen, ever since then no matter who you are, I find it hard to trust anyone.

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