Daily Quotes

Never let love blind you

Love is one of the greatest things on earth. Everyone deserves to love and be loved.  

Love can be a cure to many sicknesses of the heart. You can never know how broken one is until you love them.

Love can be deceitful and can make you blind. Love can make you see ill-treatments as love too.

Always love with your brain and five senses being active.

Never love a man so much that you ignore the truth about him. Some bad traits never go away.

Love often makes us blind to sad truths. We often seem to console ourselves that it will get better someday. You shouldn’t get stuck with a man that has terrible traits and never planning on being a better person.

Love shouldn’t cloud your sense of differentiating the truth from lies.

People often seem to feel that they can’t live without a particular person in their lives, and this is why we hardly let go even when we see no light ahead.

Believe you can exist without having someone in your life. You came to this life alone, with different destinies and purpose, and in the end, we shall also be alone.

Ladies, never place your life so much on a man as if your life depends on him. This is one of the sole reasons you often find it hard to walk out even after unraveling sad truths about him.

Learn to be the architect of your actions and how you live your life. You can never know how strong you are until you decide to do things on your own.

Be your boss.        

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