Love your parents

You can never know what you have unless you lose it.

Many, at times, we spend our time on social media, seeking for the friendship of strangers, looking out for strangers as if we have known them for a long time, while our parents die in silence and looking for someone to talk to.

One can say that social media has harmed careless individuals as they tend to spend more time online, instead of reaching out to their parents and loved ones.

We often seem to forget our roots amid our peers. We forget those who made our existence possible. We forget those who cared for us and nurtured us. The first humans we ever knew our parents.

The luckiest person is one who still has both parents together or alive. You can never appreciate the presence of one until you lose them.   

Always call your parents, check upon them. You can never know how they feel until you speak with them. If they weren’t there for you in the early days of your life, you couldn’t have been a better person.

Don’t text them. Even if you are busy, you should always spare some time for your parents. Always thank them and appreciate them for all they have done. You can never know the smile it brings on their face that their child still checks upon them. They feel unique and proud to call you their own.  

Call your parents today, and thank them. Visit them if you can, listen to them, you can never tell what will happen next. Always appreciate your parents.         

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