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A Father’s advice, Givers never lack

There are always two sides of every story, every phenomenon, and everything that exists; the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly, the givers and takers.

Man is a greedy being. He can never be satisfied with what he has and often strive to get more. Many, at times, our passion for getting more clouds our emotions and charitable attitude that we often forget we should always help one another.

We are stuck in our selfish quest for wealth and getting, forgetting the other side, which is giving. Many of us barely help people or think about others.

Even the little you feel like won’t be of any use to you can be crucial to someone else. One should always learn to give wherever we find ourselves. You might never know what will happen next or who’s watching you. Our helpers might be in the form of people we have helped.

No man is an island; our life revolves around other people too. It’s not always about only us. Giving always comes with immense joy and peace of mind, especially when done out of free will and not by compulsion.

It’s said that givers never lack. An act of charity will always follow us everywhere we go. Helping those in need without expecting anything in return can bring us surprises and untold fortunes. People whom you helped might be your only source of help someday.

Always help when you can; no one knows tomorrow. We should learn the act of charity instead of always being at the receiving end.

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