I miss you, mom

Time and life have taught me a lot of things. One of them is to always live in the moment, as one can never be sure of what will happen next.

I’d I knew that faithful Saturday could be the last day I could see you, I couldn’t have left your side for a moment. Life has taught me to treasure every time and moment of my life.

Our times together will undoubtedly remain the best moments of my life. You are the best artist I have ever seen because you shaped my life to the perfect being on earth. .

If I am to write a story of my life, it won’t be complete without you. You have been with me in every step of my life, till the inevitable happened. I couldn’t believe the cold hands of death were close.

You left when I least expected it. Every night, I shed tears because I miss you so much. The warmth which your presence brings is gone, no one to cuddle me or sing lullabies till I sleep. You haven’t been just a mother; you have been my strength and best friend, my motivator when I’m down.

These spaces have been left vacant since your departure. I miss the times we spent together. I shed tears when I remember those times because I miss you so much, more than I can imagine. I will always remember you every day of my life. You will forever remain in my heart till the end when we meet to .


i love you MOM 💕

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