Nicole Kidman shares an adorable picture of her husband Keith Urban and fans think it’s her

Nicole Kidman met her current husband, Keith Urban, four years after divorcing Tom Cruise. Nicole met the singer at the G’Day USA Gala and at that moment, he took her breath away.

Urban couldn’t call for months due to his lack of confidence and what he went through in his previous relationships.


Kidman mentioned that she had a crush on him and waited for his call for four months, and at some points she felt it was one-sided and maybe the whole love idea was just in her head.

Urban, on the other hand, had her number it had always been in his pocket but he often wondered if she was ever going to pick it up and what he was going to say. He grew up in a family where communication wasn’t encouraged and that part of him was something he didn’t so much like, but he couldn’t do anything about it.


When he finally had the courage to call her, he didn’t need to think about what to say they clicked perfectly and the sparks were everywhere. Years later, and they are happily married and raising two beautiful daughters together.

The duo were married in a church in 2006 in the Sydney Suburbs of Manly, Australia. They had a strong connection and dated for just three months before getting married. They were so much in love that their match looked like it was made in heaven. They got to know each other better after their marriage and they were compatible.


Kidman helped Urban fight his addictions; she was willing to help him become a better person, and when he was admitted to the in-patient facility, she was always there for him.

The Australians welcomed their first child in 2008 and the second child was born in December 2010. The first was named Sunday Rose, and people said she was named after Urban’s grandmother, Rose. The beautiful girls are grownups now.

Nicole Kidman shared an old picture of her sweetheart, writing “one of my favorites”. It made the fans go gaga and people had a hard time recognizing who was in the picture. A fan actually thought it was Kidman that was in the picture and another asked if it wasn’t a younger version of her.

It seems like the couple has more connections than we know and they are truly made for each other; a bone of each other’s bone.

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