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Nobody has your back like your mama

Nobody has your
back like your mama.
Love her while she’s
still alive

Well, it is the truth of life that nobody will support you in the worst situation as your mother did. Mother is such a beautiful creation by God that will love you unconditionally. She will support in every tough situation. So give your mother value and importance in their life. Once she will leave this world trust me you will regret your whole life. Mothers always pray for their children’s success and happiness. So never ever try to hurt them because this will give you regret in future. Always try to give most of your time and love to your mother. They are the most precious gift given by God to us. So give them importance and love in their life. I believe that the purest love in this world is love of mother for their children.

My son
maybe a man to
the world, but he
will always be my
a little boy to me
and I love him
more than most
could ever believe.

A parent’s prayer
Lord, I ask you to
protect my children
physically, emotionally,
spiritually, mentally and
in every way.

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