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Never ignore a person who cares for you

Never ignore
a person who cares
for you. Because
someday you’ll
realize you’ve lost a
diamond, while you
were collecting

There are some people in your life to whom you don’t give importance. Maybe they are the ones who love you a lot without any need. But we are humans who always commit mistake so we give importance to those who didn’t worth it. They will hurt us. As a result, we will hurt those who love us. So when you observe that there is someone who cares for you, loves you but you always ignored them. Then someday you will realize that you lost the most precious person of your life while you were busy wasting your life with those who don’t love you and just using you. So it’s useless to cry over split milk. Don’t waste your time with those people who are rubbish. Spend your time with the people who always give your priority and give you importance. These people are like a diamond in your life.

It sucks when you’re ignored by the person who’s attention is the only thing you want in the world.

Being ignored makes you feel invisible.
Like you’re worthless. But you’ re not. You’re just that person that needs to scream your name in your own way. If people ignore you then they obviously don’t know what they are missing out on. A precious living creature. That is what you are and you are to be treated no less than others.

A simple rejection doesn’t mean that you are worthless. Make that rejection as a stepping stone for your success..
So that person who rejects you feel bad
for losing a diamond like you.
Be positive. Be confident
Be strong.

To be rejected by someone doesn’t mean
you should also reject yourself or that you
should think of yourself as a lesser person.
It doesn’t mean that nobody will ever love
you anymore. Remember that only ONNE
a person has rejected you at the moment,
and it only hurt so much because of you,
that person’s opinion symbolized the
the opinion of the whole world

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One thought on “Never ignore a person who cares for you

  • After loss of entire family due to death,I found myself alone seeking ANYTHING TO FILL my emptiness. Through many bad choices I failed myself and my 2 daughters. No therapy worked I hated myself, until one special man ( my husband now) loved me enough to show me I am worthy, he’s a good man he saw something in me that I didn’t and never gave up on me. Thank you God I give ALL GLORY,THANKS TO YOU because you knew I was at my breaking point and you brought my soulmate to me and my life now is amazing. Even though my mom has been in Heaven I like to believe she whispered to God save her and he did by sending my husband, my truest love and bestfriend

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