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The most painful tears are not the ones

The most painful
tears are not the ones
that fall from your eyes
and cover your face.
They’re the ones that
fall from your heart
and cover your soul.

Tears look so painful when they fall from the heart of a person. When someone cries from the heart it means that they got hurt by the closest person of their life and they got hurt at the time when they need that person the most. This is the bitter reality of a life that when you get close to your loved ones they will hurt you at a certain point that you will cry from the heart. It’s such a painful feeling in the world to get betrayed by your loved ones. It’s the worst feeling in the world to suffer from such unexpected pain. Simple tears will cover your face but crying from the heart will cover your soul.


When a girl cries,
it’s not usually over
one thing. It’s built up
anger and emotions
that she’s been
holding in for too long.

When you’ve been
strong for so long,
sometimes you just
need time to be
alone and let your
tears out.

My biggest mistake
is thinking that
people care for me
as much as I
do for them.

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