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One small prayer can change your life

Never underestimate the power of your prayer. In all things, in everything, never stop praying, never lose hope, and never stop believing.

Power of Prayer

God is eager to listen to us and help us through every trial. He wants to help us, he doesn’t like to see us hurting or suffering. He seeing everything we are going through, and He wants us to turn to him in happy times with praise and difficult times with prayer. Even when you can’t find the words for your prayer, He will always listen to your heart. Pray about everything, in happy and sad times, be thankful for good times and ask for guidance and wisdom in tough times. Find comfort in knowing, you are never alone. God is always with you and he knows your every need. Never doubt that even the smallest prayer can turn your life around completely. Give God all your worries, your joys, your sorrows and rest in His peace.

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