Daily Quotes

When Life knocks you down

Sometimes our days get turned upside down and life knocks us down. By the end of the day we feel drained, sometimes we feel all hope is gone. But we cannot give up.

God gives us the strength to keep going. Even when it doesn’t seem like He is with you, He is beside you in each trial, through every burden and He will never leave you. Always tell God your worries, your problems and your cares. He always listens to you and even when you can’t find words for your prayers, He hears your heart. Trust in Him for better days to come. Believe He will bring you to victory. With God on your side, you’ll always win. So tonight, reach to Him, and you will find Him. Tell Him your worries and accept His peace and rest. Tomorrow is a new day, full of new hope and His mercy. Trust in Him tonight and rest. Amen

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