Owen Wilson’s ex Varunie Vongsvirattes says the actor is an absent parent

Varunie Vongsvirattes revealed to Daily Mail the status of Wilson in the life of their three-year-old daughter Lyla.

Owen Wilson has never met his three years old daughter, neither has he been involved in her life. The beautiful three years old was born in October 2010, and ever since her birth, Owen never cared about her; he has always been an absentee parent.

Owen Wilson and Varunie Vongsvirattes dated for five years before they finally went their separate ways.

When the news of her pregnancy got to Wilson, he conducted paternity which confirmed the child belongs to him.

Wilson has two other sons, Robert, aged 8, and Finn, 5 years old. The actor has never been in contact with Lyla and seems to spend most of his time with two of his sons, with their different mothers.


The blue eyes and blond beauty is her father’s lookalike and when Vongsvirates posted her picture on her third birthday, everyone noticed the striking similarity between the daughter and father.

Vongsvirates told Daily Mail in 2019, that she has always begged the Wedding Crashers actor Wilson, to be involved in the life of his daughter, but it seems like all her pleas were never harkened to.

She said that he always helps financially, but the young girl just wants to be with her father. It’s so Ironic how Owen keeps getting father roles, but has never played the role of a father in the life of their daughter, said Vongsvirates.

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The 52-year-old has played the role of Father Nate Pullman in the 2017 movie wonder and is set to co-star next with Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me, which is going to be released in February 2022.

Wilson’s representatives were reached out to by Daily Mail and are awaiting their comments.

Throughout Vongsvirates pregnancy days, Wilson was never by her side and she had the little girl in October without him being there too.

He ‘checked the no visitation box in court and doesn’t want any custody of her,’ a source told US Weekly.

Owen is a father of two sons; Robert whom he named after Owen’s father is his eldest son. His mother Jade Duell split up with his father in 2011. He also has Finn, his seven years old son with Caroline Lindqvist.

He seems to be in a close relationship with his sons and they all describe him as a doting father.

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