The famous Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

We all know the great Dean Martin who has been an all-time favorite of almost every person. He was not only a good entertainer and singer but also made people laugh. He has always been on the first number for me and second for none.

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Dean Martin grew up as Dino Crocetti in Steubenville, Ohio. His father was a barber from Italy and his mother was a chef who was italian_American.

The Mother tongue of Dean was Italian that’s why it was difficult for him to speak English. Therefore he joined an academy for English spoken at the age of 5. Dean rapidly learned the English language but his fellows always teased him for his Italian accent.


Dean left the school after 11th grade and started boxing. He fought 36 times and won 25 out of them. But it was a trick of luck when someone noticed that Dean is a good singer and has got a good voice. And he was soon found singing at nightclubs across the country.

Dean met a person during his performance in New Jersey who changed his life the legendary Jerry Lewis. Both decided to produce some comedy movies and in the period of then years, they both worked in a number of movies together and got famous. The most popular of them is “The Colgate Comedy Hour”.

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Both Dean and Lewis were born with the talent of comedy and besides that, they both had become best friends. Their pair is so difficult to be described in words.

Jerry Lewis said “Who were Dean’s fans? Men, women, the Italians. Who were Jerry’s fans? Women, Jews, kids. Who were Martin and Lewis’ fans? All of them…

You had fans that didn’t care that Lewis was on or that Martin was singing. Because if Dean was singing, that was Martin and Lewis. If Jerry was goin’ nuts, that was Martin and Lewis.”

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