Pauley Perrette- NCIS at the age of 21

Pauley Perrette played the role of a Crime solving forensic scientist on NCIS.

She seems to have a lot with her character Abby Sciuto as in real life she loves helping out others in any little way she can.

She was on the show for over 15 years and was having the spotlight all to herself, but amidst trying to build a successful career she had a lot of struggles attached to it and had to leave NCIS in the worst way ever.


Pauley from her teenage days wanted to be an FBI agent or working with animals.

Pauley Perrette said of the series of murders that were committed in Atlanta between 1979 and 1981, “I lived in Georgia at the time of the Atlanta child murders, and I was around the same age of those kids, and I lived right off the Chattahoochee River.”


She continued: “I was very young then, but I was obsessed with that case. Then I got really obsessed with Jonestown. I was way too young to be obsessed with these things, but I would every cut out every article — I really don’t like bad guys.”

Pauley had to do different jobs to be able to carter for herself and pay her tuition fees.


Pauley Perrette recalled, “Not only was I bartending in the club-kids scene, with a bra and combat boots and a white Mohawk, but I wore a sandwich board on roller skates passing out fliers for Taco Bell in the Diamond District, and I worked on one of these boats that go around Manhattan, way down in the galley, knee-deep in fish water, cooking food for the rich people upstairs.”

Pauley never saw herself going into the show business until she heard someone hearing that they made $3000 in a commercial.


She decided she wanted all that.

She was able to land movie roles and in 2003 she got on NCIS, which was the height of it all.

She told Entertainment Tonight, “The cast and the crew here, we love our jobs so much, and we love our show.


She continued: “We’re all like huge fans of our show. It is awesome to be at No. 1. [The show is] No. 1 scripted and around the world. That is fantastic, but what it means to us is that we get to keep doing this.”

She appeared on 354 episodes of NCIS and left in 2018 in the most distasteful way ever. 


In 2019 she said she was never going back to NCIS because of Mark Hammon. 

She didn’t want to disclose any other further meaning of her tweet and insisted she didn’t want to disclose whatever that might happened.

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The 51 year old actress went back to comedy as she got featured on in both Frasier and The Drew Carey Show.

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