The present life of Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell

Lisa Turtle was so lucky to be starred in one of the hottest series of the ‘90s, ”Saved by the Bell.”

Lisa portrayed the character of Lark Voorhies got her breakthrough after starring on the show and even though she might seem to have a successful career she has several struggles.

In a recent interview, she had she opened up about her struggles, pains, and tribulations.

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She disappeared from the public eye in 2010 and many of her fans couldn’t help but worry about her whereabouts and what she has been up to.

She was the only child of Wayne and Tricia Holloway and was battling a difficult disorder that affected her life greatly.

Mario Lopez, Dennis Haskins, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen and Lark Voorhies.

She started appearing in front of the big screens at the age of 12.

“I was on this tram screaming with all these other people. I had such a great time doing that,” she said.

She left a memorable impression on the audience after appearing on ”Saved by the Bell.”

Dustin Diamond and Lark Voorhies during 1993 Kid’s Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc)

It was quite obvious that Lisa was going to make it big in the Hollywood industry and Went on to appear on other commercials, shows, and music videos.

In 1996, the actress got married to Miguel Coleman, and eight years after they went their separate ways.

In 2015 she got married for the second time to Jimmy Green.

“I look forward to all the wonderful moments and memories we will create together,” Lark said in a statement.

The marriage wasn’t what lark expected at all and just 5 months after their marriage went down the drain.

After 2012, Lark suddenly disappeared from the public eye and everyone knew that something was up.

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In 2020, Lark opened up about all that she has gone through.

Lark said and referred to the bizarre ET interview from 2015, “Schizoaffective thought disorder and that was a perfect example of what it does and how it behaves and what it creates around and about it.”

She wasn’t invited to the ‘Saved by the Bell’ reunion and she was hurt.

“I have to admit I did feel a bit slighted and hurt when I was not invited to be part of the ‘Saved by the Bell’ reunion as well as other cast members’ events,” she said and continued:

“Yet of course, I also realized that having this puzzling disorder may have played a major part in that factual decision. With that in mind, I am truly thankful for having had the chance to work on a show that has been so successful.”

NBC got InTouch with her later and was she was able to show in the reboot in 2021.

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