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People Leave Bad Bosses, not the Job

A job is more than a role description; it goes beyond the functions of that role.
A job is the combination of the role, the environment, the team, and the boss.
What does this mean?
It means that not only the Jon function determines the state of the employee.
Leaving a company.
People leave their jobs and the company for various reasons.

Some leave because they have gotten a better paying job. Some leave their jobs because they have to relocate. Some leave their jobs because they want to change their career paths. Then there is the category that leaves because they are either frustrated or no longer get fulfillment from the job.

The last category is our focus.
When employees get frustrated and make the decision to leave their jobs, people are quick to assume that the problem is with the job.
Sometimes, the employee believes that their problem is with the job.
The truth is that the majority of the time, employees who are leaving a job because of frustration are not leaving the job, they are going their bosses.

What have the bosses have to do with it?
Employee frustration comes from a number of factors. Poor management and welfare on the part of the bosses is one of them. Another factor is a lack of appreciation for the employees, lack of incentives, no visible line of growth for the employees, and, most importantly, a terrible relationship between the bosses and the employees.

A lot of top tier management makes the mistake of trying to manage their employees by bossing them around.
They shout out orders and demand results.
Some bosses withhold growth opportunities from their employees, leaving them stuck in one role for long.
They refuse to provide adequate training programs to help the employees grow in their jobs. They withhold incentives and appreciation, even when the employees are doing well.

Bosses like this prefer to be critical of the employee’s work ethic and spend time talking them down.
No one enjoys being talked down to, especially when they are doing well in their jobs.
It can be demoralizing because they will always feel inadequate.
That alone is enough to want to frustrate an employee to leave a job.

Bosses who push their employees to deliver deadlines against all the odds can also be frustrating. Sometimes in trying to be productive, we compromise employee health, safety, and even product quality.
Few persons can work in an environment that doesn’t give them room to have a work-life

Employees who are passionate about their jobs and the quality of work they do will find it hard to cope with a boss that puts productivity over quality.

When a boss does not understand that he or she is a leader and that his actions towards his employees will significantly influence their decisions to stay or leave, they risk losing some of the best employees.
Frustrated employees only produce bad results, which will cause the business to lose money.

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