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Mama’s Love is Regardless of Age

One of the most moving site one will ever see is the site of an older man or woman crying at the loss of their mother. A mother’s love does not fade with age. No matter how old you are, you will always need your mother. You can travel to the ends of the earth and become the greatest man on earth, but you will always need your mothers. Mothers are the backbones of the home. Even if they are fulltime housewives, mothers still contribute a major portion of the child’s wellbeing. When they are not financially responsible for the child, they are the emotional, mental, and spiritual succor for the child. Little wonder why a lot of popular persons attribute their success to their mothers. I still need my mom. It can be a bit alarming to see a powerful man or woman say, “I need to talk to my mom,” or “ I need my mom.” The need to have our mother’s around, especially in tough times, comes from a lifelong knowledge of always having her around when things are tough. Naturally, mothers are inclined to drop everything and be there for their children. The feeling it evokes in us is the feeling of assurance. The thought that no matter how bad it gets, our mothers are always there. Mothers have been there through our first knee scrape and our first broken teeth. They were there when we first broke our bones or lost our pets. They have been with us through heartbreaks and first crush because it is what they do. The older we get, the more we meet new challenges and some tough situations. Our natural reaction is to go to our mothers who have been with us through all of our tough times. We find ourselves reaching out to them even when we have our own families because mama has always been there, and that is the best place of solace we know. We are confident of taking our problems to our moms because we know that we will either find a solution or, at the very least, find comfort. Age is not a factor. The need for your mom is not something you outgrow. No matter how old you get, you will always desire your mom’s support. There are times when it feels like only your mom can solve the problem. That may not be true, but everything feels better when mama is involved. We grow older and figure out that not only is mama always right, but she will always find a way to solve her problems. Unfortunately, not every mother is like this, although a larger percentage of mothers are like this. Children who have mothers who are supportive and always there for them have a privilege that certain children will never know. That is why it is important to cherish, honor, and love your mom, especially is she is always there for you. Do not ever think you are too old to need your mom.

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