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Keep Your Good news To Yourself

When we have some good news, it is natural to want to share it with those around us. We are excited to tell our friends and family about our success. It is therefore quite inconceivable that this article is telling you to keep your good news to yourself. The truth is, not everyone who smiles at and with you is genuinely happy for you. They can even pretend to be concerned and happy for you, but in truth, they are not happy. Your good news should make the people around you happy for you; instead, they become jealous and do not want to celebrate your good news. Sharing success. Everyone has their reasons for wanting to share their success with the world. Some people share because they genuinely want to inspire other people. Some share to allow their friends and families to celebrate with them. There is a category that shares their success story to brag to people or to spite people. Whatever your reason for sharing your success, be careful who you share it with. Success is not the endpoint of a journey. It is the journey itself. Every move you make can either be a success or a failure. We are all humans, and it is understandable that we want to share our progress and our success with the world or our loved ones. Unfortunately, it is not everyone who we share our success with that is genuinely happy for us. Pretending to care. There are people in our lives that act like they are close to us. The act concerned about our welfare and want to know what is going on in our lives. We soon come to see such people as close friends and believe that they actually care. In reality, these people do not care. They, in fact, try to know as much as possible about you so that they can know how well you are doing. They pretend to care about you all the while wishing you evil so that you can fail. They are never happy when you succeed, even if they seem happy on the outside. The best way to avoid bringing unnecessary attention to yourself is to sometimes keep your good news to yourself. Be careful who you share your success and good news with. In this age of social media, we tend to want to post everything online for people to see. Not everything needs to be put out there. Not everyone needs to know your story. Got a new job? Keep it to yourself, do not post it on your social media for everyone to see. Getting married, keep it within. Pregnant? Keep it to your close circle. Not everyone deserves to know what’s going on with you because some of them will not be happy for you. Learn to savor the good things in your life without needing to share or overshare. Learn to keep your news and success to yourself or a selected few.

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