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Thank you to rare people who support me

I have met a lot of people in my life. I have interacted with a lot of people, and I have come to realize something: People are different.
I have met people who are judgmental. They judge you from the moment they meet you.
Majority of us are judgmental
We like to hold people to high standards that we cannot even maintain.
I have met pretentious people. They pretend to like a person meanwhile hating that person. They pretend to be friendly or happy or wealthy. They are never real.
In my life, I have had people who have judged me because I shared my story with them.
I have met those who have been prejudiced towards me, and it showed in their speech.
I have met those who have out conditions on their loving me. I have met people who felt entitled after they helped me and those who pretended to understand; meanwhile, they did not and were working against me.
The majority of the people I have met in life are like this.

The rare few.
Not everyone is like that, though. In life, once in a while, you meet somebody who is not like that. You meet somebody who is the opposite of what the majority is.
These are the rare ones.
The ones who will listen without judging, speak without condescension and prejudice. Love without conditions. They are the ones who help without feeling entitled.
They are few diamonds in the rough, they are like 1 in a million, but they exist, and I have met them.
I learned a lot from being with this set of people
They come into your life just when you think there is no more hope for humanity and restore your faith in humanity.
They give you the hope that even though the majority are judgemental, prejudiced, pretentious, and condescending, there are still few who are the opposite of these things.
They are proof that we are not all the same
That we all can choose our paths and decide to be good, against all the odds.
We can also listen without judging, speak without prejudice, understand without pretense, love without conditions, and help without being entitled.

Thank you.
To these people, those rare few who do not know how to judge when listening, or pretend to understand—the rare few who love unconditionally and giant without feeling entitled.
Thank you. Thank you for seeking to understand without pretense. Thank you for not putting a price tag on your love.
Thank you for helping me and loving me.
Thank you for listening to me and not judging me. Thank you for speaking to me with respect rather than with condescension.
I am grateful for these rare individuals who are more than the usual. Who stands above the majority.
Thank you for adding value to my life with your words and deeds.
I have grown to become a better person because of my encounters with you.
With people like you, life is a better place.

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