Daily Quotes

To the mamas who are having hard days

Being a mother isn’t always easy, and some days are harder than others. We carry so much on our plate, and things don’t always go as we planned. Remind yourself right now, you are doing the very best that you can. It is ok to have a bad day, everyday wont always be full of sunshine. When you feel you’re struggling and questioning how you will continue, ask for help. Never be ashamed to admit you need a helping hand. People will admire you for being honest and strong enough to ask for the help you need. Make time for you, everyone deserves a break, especially mothers. Even if it is a cup of coffee, make an effort to take time by yourself in peace in quite. When you take a break, and allow yourself the space you need, you’ll come back refreshed and free from the stress. Always remember to lift and encourage other mothers too, we all struggle, we all have bad days, just remember the good days always outweigh the bad. Stay strong mama, you’ve got this!

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