People will not always be there

The saddest thing is when you are feeling down; you look around and realize that there is no shoulder for you to lean on.

Trying times never stop coming and most times you see yourself going through this major period of your life alone when you have lots of people you thought could be there for you.

Sometimes, you feel you are just unlucky in your selection of friends, but it’s not your fault, human beings are selfish and they always tend to put themselves first.

The toughest moments of my life I survived them alone after that I knew I would be fine without people.

When my first marriage dissolved; no one cared about my mental health, everyone felt I was perfectly fine because I was the one that called off the marriage.

They said I was sick to leave a man who treats me like the most delicate object in the world, but no one knows the monster he is behind closed doors.

He never touched me so that he could boast about my spotless body to his friends, but this man messed and dealt with my mental health.

He always abused me with words and took turns bringing in different women into our matrimonial home.

The one that broke the last straw was when I found out he had another family and he had kids too; something he forbade me from doing so I couldn’t lose my shape.

I left because he made me a fool out of me and even the smiles I displayed in public no one was able to decipher that it was fake.

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