Daily Quotes

You are not alone

Always remember that one way or the other you are always in the hearts of someone and even if they don’t say it you are loved and appreciated.

Through your darkest and loneliest moments, never forget there is a pair of eyes watching your every move and when you think you have no one to support you in case you miss a step, your guardian angel is always there to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

You aren’t alone you are surrounded by people who would go any length to see you happy.

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror to see the light radiating from just your smile; it can light up the whole world.

There are moments you would feel like darkness is having an upper hand in your life, you feel like things will never get better, you feel like you can never get past this stage; never forget that after rain comes sunshine, it is just a matter of time and everything will be perfect again.

Do not give in to despair, hang in your are close to winning; you can’t imagine how close you are to that peace you want; you are not alone, joy is close and it’s knocking on your door.

Life is hard and complicated, but in the end, we all are going to be victors.

They were moments of my life too that I never thought I could pass through them; I thought I was alone, but my guardian angel was always there to give me strength.

Never forget you aren’t alone; we are always there for you.

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