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please don’t tell people you’ve never been through

Although you are wanting to be helpful to a loved one or a friend who has been through a traumatic time, you simply can’t help them if you’ve never experienced the same situation. The best thing you can ever do for anyone is to let them know you are there. Show them your concern and that you care. Listen to them, let them talk and get their feelings out. The worst thing you could possibly tell someone who is trying to heal is how they should feel. You have no idea what they feel in their heart. You don’t know their pain. You don’t know their grief. You don’t know their sadness. Healing takes time, a lot of time. There is no time limit to healing. Each situation is unique and requires time that the individual requires for themselves. Just be there for them, offer to take them to a movie or out to lunch. Spending time with them is part of healing and the best thing you can ever offer to them is your love, your time, and your support. The best gift you can ever give in difficult moments is simply being their.

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