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we are strong and we overcome everything

Seriously! Imagine if we looked like every single thing we’ve been through! Life sure does dish it out to us at times. Often times we are faced with so many challenges and we just don’t know what in the world we will face next! From stress of finances, family, relationships, marriage, kids and our jobs alone is at times enough stress to make us look worn out and depleted real quickly! I’m sure for many some days we wake up and look in the mirror and think WOW! But isn’t it ironic how we are strong and we overcome everything that life throws our way? I know many times we all feel older than we actually are from the stress and the pressures life places on our shoulders, but we push through! Remind yourself you’re beautiful, regardless of what you look like, even on the hardest days, and keep reminding yourself you’ve made it through so much!

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