Queen Elizabeth “firmly rebuffed” a “inappropriate” request made by Meghan Markle

Following Queen Elizabeth’s departure, the British Royal Family will experience uncertain times.

Her Majesty’s passing at the beginning of September signalled not just the end of a 70-year reign as monarch, but also the end of an era.

It goes without saying that during the decades Queen Elizabeth occupied the English throne, society underwent changes that affected the Royal Family’s influence and status. It’s an intriguing study to think about how the family will develop in the future and what role they will play.

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Charles has become King, and with that title comes a number of new duties that will largely fall on his shoulders. Charles has waited longer than any other heir apparent in history to ascend a throne.

The ongoing passive-aggressive conflict within the family, which was brought on by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s choice to leave their official posts and relocate to the US, is far from helping the situation.

King Charles will likely face many difficulties in the years to come, but his response to the “Harry dilemma” may end up being the one that defines his reign. Since the entire scandal has been so public and out in the open, it would seem that things will continue in the same manner.

Harry is getting ready to publish a new memoir in January 2023, which only people who have been living under a rock for the previous year would have been unaware of.

According to promotional material, Spare is a “exact and entirely honest” portrayal of his life. Four months after the now-famous Oprah interview aired in 2021, The Prince announced he was writing a new book.

Described in the press release as a “honest and compelling personal portrait,” Prince Harry will “reveal, for the very first time, the definitive narrative of the experiences, adventures, losses, and life lessons that have helped form him.”


Harry’s book has lately been given further information, and January 10 has been chosen as the publication date. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the book may discuss Harry’s “spare” position as the second son of a King or the possibility that now that he is no longer a member of the Royal Family, he is being “spared” from it.

In any event, the memoir is certain to add fuel to the fire of conflict among Harry’s family. The fact that the Prince wrote derogatory things about people like his father, Camilla, Prince William, and the rest in a book that millions of people will undoubtedly read causes the Royal Family real concern.

It’s generally believed that the memoir will portray Harry’s family in an unfavourable light. Page Six sources claim that the book will include multiple truth bombs.


It’s definitely juicy, a NY publishing source told the news organisation.

There are numerous fresh accounts of the past that Harry has never before shared, particularly those pertaining to his boyhood. There is some information in there that ought to worry his family, said a different publishing insider.

One needs to look back to the beginning of Harry and Meghan’s marriage to locate the calm before the present storm involving Harry, Meghan, and his family.

It was thought that the couple would represent a more contemporary transition within the Royal Family at the time. Meghan is distant from the aristocratic elite, which the Royal Family has a history of favouring when looking for spouses for its senior members, and she fits in well with the progressive image the Firm seeks to project.

But it didn’t take long until obvious fissures started to appear.

Harry has acknowledged that he was reluctant to see history repeated (referring to the press’ relentless pursuit of his mother, the late Princess Diana), and Meghan herself has freely discussed the significant decrease in her mental health during her time living in the UK.


Although Harry and Meghan’s everyday existence as active members of the Royal Family will probably never be fully revealed, it is clear that they struggled with a number of problems. It appears that these were problems that the other Royal Family members either overlooked or, in some circumstances, made worse.

Earlier this year, Harry was upfront about the occasion when Meghan confided in him and that she had been having suicidal thoughts.

According to The Times, he said, “Her clarity of mind was the scariest thing for her.”

“She was completely sober; she hadn’t lost it; she wasn’t crazy; she wasn’t using drink or drugs as self-medication. Even though she was perfectly rational, these ideas jolted her up in the stillness of the night.

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She was prevented from following through by the thought of how terrible it would be for me to lose another lady in my life who was carrying our child after everything that had happened to my mother.

The pair was then immediately required to visit the Royal Albert Hall for a charity event in their capacity as working royals, depriving them of the opportunity to properly assess and respond to what can only be regarded as a terrible situation.

What maybe people don’t realise is that Meghan decided to tell me earlier that evening about her suicidal intentions and the details of how she planned to end her life.

Despite the fact that the specifics of Harry and Meghan’s predicament have never really been completely explored, all indications do indeed suggest that they encountered a seemingly endless number of obstacles, issues, and barriers throughout their time as working royals.

In any case, according to a recent source, the duo once made a request of the late Queen Elizabeth, who promptly and “firmly” refused it.

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The British Royal Family has owned Windsor Castle for about a millennium. The Prince and Princess of Wales, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Andrew, and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson have all resided on the vast estate in more recent years.

Additionally, Harry and Meghan spent some time residing on the estate in the Frogmore Cottage, which was a wedding present from the Queen.

Nevertheless, the cottage was not the couple’s first choice of residence, according to The Times newspaper. Harry and Meghan reportedly petitioned the Queen for another property at Windsor Castle in 2018, shortly after their well-publicized wedding, only to have their hopes shattered when she reportedly declined.

The Times reports that Harry and Meghan asked Queen Elizabeth if “living quarters could be made available after their marriage” because they wanted to live within Windsor Castle.

Only the Queen and Prince Philip had private residences inside the actual castle during the time of inquiry.

According to reports, the Queen “politely but firmly urged” that the couple relocate to the neighbouring Frogmore Cottage. However, if some sources are to be accepted, this was more of a gracious gift from the Queen’s perspective than it was a slight.

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