When Prince William was a little boy, the Queen wrote him this heartfelt letter: Inside of their enduring friendship

I think we can all agree that Prince William and Prince Harry had an extraordinary upbringing. With their mother, Princess Diana, and father, Prince Charles, they spent some lovely years together.

Then, on a fateful night, everything changed when Diana died following that terrible automobile accident in Paris.

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It was soon clear that William and Harry’s life would change drastically. However, from all accounts, Queen Elizabeth made it known that she would never fail to disappoint her grandchildren.

The Royal Family members have unique customs and a highly defined manner of acting in public, but they also have a very human side to their relationships with one another. When it was recently sold and auctioned, a moving handwritten note from the Queen to a young William was made public.

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Above all else, it shows that there was a very strong link between the two.

For many people, the loss of Queen Elizabeth was a profoundly sad occasion. Naturally, it had the greatest impact on her immediate family. The remainder of the Royal Family, including Prince William, Princess Anne, King Charles, and Camilla, grieved the Queen for weeks. There’s a good chance that they still are.

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However, life must continue on, thus the royals are once again at work, albeit with some notable alterations. When the Queen died, King Charles assumed most of her responsibilities and engagements; as a result, Prince William received many of Charles’ engagements.

Even though the Queen and William didn’t spend a lot of time together when he was younger, she never forgot to look after them and do the little things that any grandmother would do for her grandchildren.

Queen Elizabeth made the decision to surprise her grandson William when he was still a young boy by including an advent calendar. She gave him a handwritten message along with the calendar.

William, I hope you enjoy opening this each day,” said the note, which was signed by Granny.


According to the Daily Mail, one of Princess Diana’s former staffers sold the little note to the business, which then put it up for auction in Boston in 2016.

After growing up, William continued his education at St Andrews University in Scotland, where he fell in love and married Kate Middleton. Before their relationship became more intense, the two developed very close friends.


After they began dating, Kate made her debut as William’s girlfriend in the royal family in 2006.

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