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Real friends

As we go through life,
we start to understand that if’s not
important fo have a lot of friends. What
truly matters is that we have
REAL friends.

Real friends

Friendship is something everyone yearns for. People love to be loved and cared for. People love to also have someone to lean on in trying times. They love to always have someone who will always be there to correct them and always straightforward with them. 

Friendship isn’t measured by the number of friends one has, it is by those ones that can stand with you through thick and thin.

Real friends are very hard to find. They are the only ones that can always be there.

One of the rare qualities of a real friend is loyalty. A total strong feeling of supports and alliance to someone isn’t an easy quality to come by. They will always stand by you in all cases.

 There are friends that can only be with you when things are moving smoothly for you. They never contribute anything to your life. They can as well be called parasitic friends. This is one of the main reasons why one should keep only real friends instead of a lot of friends.

A real friend is always ready to help and share whatever he or she has with you. 

Keeping a lot of friends isn’t necessary, what matters are that we have real friends. A real friend is always honest.

A true friend will always tell you the truth instead of lying to keep you happy. 

A real friend is accommodating and will always understand your choices instead of being manipulative. They won’t pressure you into doing things you find uncomfortable. That’s what real friends are known for. If you have one keep them because they are hard to find. 

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