Daily Quotes

The pain behind my smile

I hide my tears when I say your name,
but the pain in my heart is still the same.
Although I smile and seem care free,
there is no one who misses you
…more than me!


Smiles carry many hidden affections. It can be pain, happiness, sorrows, and sadness. A smile is known to be one of the most beautiful things one can see. It has its own soothing effect on someone.

Many times I smile because no one can see the pain I’m carrying within. Many at times people who even care to ask only do so to have something to talk about. I have decided to bear my cross.

No matter how I try to smile and act as if everything is ok. I can’t stop remembering those memories we created together.

Walking down the flyover at midnight while holding hands together was one of the best moments of my life or should I talk about the movies we saw together.

I can’t seem to forget all the moments we spent together even in your sickbay. I miss the fragrance of your skin and the masculine features of your body. 

I try acting as though I can stay without you but I miss you so much that I feel like I’m going insane if I stay another day without you.

Living all by myself has been the hardest pill I get to swallow. Waking up each day and realizing we can’t be together at the moment is tearing me so much.

I really appreciate the happiness you brought into my life without knowing it. You taught me how to be strong. I’m going to keep waiting until you come back to me. I miss you so much.   

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