Most at times in life, we all get clingy to people when we feel that without them we aren’t going to be okay.

One of the major causes of forcing people to stay in our lives when they don’t want to be found close to us is Low self-esteem.

Self-esteem is the picture you have about yourself. How you carry yourself and how you react to people and situations around you.

Low-self esteem is a poor picture of you. You feel like you don’t worth what you have. In this case, you think lowly of yourself and settle for less.

No one will like to associate with someone who has a poor picture of himself or herself. They get to walk out of your life and you see yourself begging them to stay since you don’t know your worth and the fortunes you can bring if you work on yourself.

Appreciate yourself, care, and love yourself first before anyone else because you are unique and precious. Don’t beg or force anyone to be in your life. You deserve the sweetest people on earth and the right friends will come around one day.

Never chase after stones while diamonds exist. One of the most dangerous things in the world is to be unloved and rejected by people you love. Rejection is a deliberate act and that is why it is so hurting and depressing.

 But that shouldn’t make you hate yourself or be depressed. You are the best version of yourself. Always feel like you are the diamond and doing them good by being their friends not the other way round. In that way, you can cope with rejection.

Always remember this, never feel like you are imperfect. Always be you because no one can be like you.

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