I was born by you and you cared for me right from my first moment on earth or should I say in your womb.    

I am a different being from you, with different reasoning and understanding, yet you act like we are one.

Whatever pains me, pains you. You take my cross as your cross. You have always been there for me.

You pray for me like yourself. Never stopped calling or checking up on me.

You never want me to be far from you. You have always sacrificed your time and all worth not for me yet I have not given you anything.

My mother, my selfless hero. You always fight my wars like it’s yours. Always putting me first before yourself. You have always been there to help me nurse my pains and worries. I can’t ask of any other lover apart from you, mom.

You are my queen in shining armor. My strength when I am down. You showed me so much love that I never believed existed.   

Mom, you have been my archangel in human form. I will always be proud to tell the world your wonderful deeds.

I will celebrate you every day of my life. I never knew angels existed in human form until I was birthed by you.

 You are the best soul I have ever met. You loved me with my imperfections. You walk before me to remove every obstacle on my way. Your love and prayers keep me going.

Even in my next world, I will still wish to be your child, mother. I love you.    

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